Stephen Kerr

Monday through Thursday 8am-5:30pm;
231-766-3043 ext 2016 Or 231-332-6706

Ordinance Enforcer: Clay Orrison.
Office hours vary. Complaints can be left with any staff member at the township hall.

Zoning Reminders:

  • Ponds require approval by Building and Zoning as well as the DEQ (contact info below).
  • Signs posted in the Township require approval from both the Building and Zoning Departments.
  • Existing signs, when properties change ownership, also require Zoning Approval.
  • Refacing, altering, re-locating, etc. of signs REQUIRES ZONING APPROVAL.
  • General Law Ordinances are located in the Clerk's Office: 231-766-3043 ext 2013

Updated Forms and Help Sheets.