Established in 1859

Dalton Township: 9,530 people in 36 square miles

Office Hours
Monday-Thursday: 8:00 - 5:30
Friday-Sunday: closed

Discover What Makes Dalton Township So Great

See what our local community has to offer

Whether you live in Dalton Township or are visiting from out of town, you'll find plenty to love about this area of Muskegon, MI. If you want to discover fun things to do in the area, pay your township taxes or get involved with your community, the Dalton Township website is a resource for everything you need to know.

Have any questions? To learn more about our local departments, taxes or to file a complaint, call us today at 231-766-3043.

Visiting Dalton Township Soon?

When you come to our township, make sure you plan to visit:

Michigan's Adventure

This amusement park is the largest in the state and has thrilling coasters, exciting rides, a water park and more!

One of our many beautiful lakes

Twin Lakes, Middle Lake, West Lake, North Lake, Goose Egg Lake and Fox Lake!

Any of the great restaurants in the area

From Ice cream on a summer night to karaoke with friends. Dalton has good variety of dine in or take out restaurant locations.