*Please Note: Winter Burial Pricing is in effect from November 15 through March 15;
No foundations will be placed during this time.*
To make arrangement or request further information, contact:
Heather Cooley, Cemetery Coordinator: (231) 332-6704

*For burials, please allow 2 business days in advance for arrangements between our burial company, Dalton Township, and the funeral home. Thank you.

Cemeteries in Dalton Township:

Twin Lake Cemetery
Located at 3070 Blue Lake Road.

  • 1) Originally called The Twin Lake Rural Cemetery.
  • 2) One of the first "pieces" of land was donated by the Putnam family in the late 1800's.
  • 3) The Twin Lake Rural Cemetery Association voted on September 25th, 1952 to give the Twin Lake Cemetery to the Dalton Township Board. Deeds for such were in process as of the November 21, 1952 Association meeting.
  • 4) The Twin Lake Cemetery has had three additions since.
  • 5) Location of the American Legion's Veteran Memorial.
  • 6) The Twin Lake Veteran Board was a Boy Scout Eagle Project and is updated by the Township.
  • 7) The American Legion Veteran Memorial was re-bricked and its plaque cleaned after a vehicle collided with the monument in 2013.

Oakland Cemetery
Located at 4988 Russell Road.
  • 1) Originally called The Dalton Township Cemetery or Dalton Cemetery and has since had one addition.
  • 2) Oldest burial is 1879.

East Dalton Oakhill Cemetery
Located on the corner of Pillon Rd. and M120.
  • Privately Owned - not owned by the Township.
  • Dalton Township does NOT handle this cemetery, but does however supply veteran flags.

Searching for a grave?

The following websites (with no connection to the Township) have a listing of occupants and pictures of headstones. This information is not up-to-date and was gathered, compiled, and provided by a local hobbyist, not the Township.

For up to date information, contact Heather at the number above.


Dalton Township's Twin Lake Cemetery has both a Veteran Monument and a Veteran Board in honor of those who have served. Behind the monument stands the American Flag, and behind, the five military branches. The Veteran Board is an ongoing effort of listing all of the Twin Lake Cemetery veterans; the board is updated annually prior to Memorial Day.

Annually Dalton Township supplies an American Flag on the grave space of each known U.S. Veteran in all three of the cemeteries within Dalton Township's boundaries.

If you are aware of a U.S. Veteran's grave that is missing a Veteran flag at any of the three cemeteries OR if you are aware of a U.S. Veteran buried or memorialized at Twin Lake Cemetery but not listed on the Veteran Board, please contact Heather Cooley, Cemetery Coordinator (231) 332-6704

Contact Information

To make arrangements or request further information, contact:
Heather Cooley, Cemetery Coordinator: (231) 332-6704